To complement our product and services offering, Rinami offers a sophisticated and
comprehensive support offering to ensure that our customers get the maximum value
from our organisation.

Support Portal
Rinami Support Portal

Our online support site is a central resource for the delivery of all of our support services. The support site allows our customers to:

Log, review and manage their support issues
Review known issues with and solutions for their Rinami products
Interact and share ideas with other Rinami customers

The Rinami Support Portal can be found at

Support Portal
Rinami Knowledge Garden

The Rinami Knowledge Garden is the authoritative source for technical documentation for all Rinami products. Our comprehensive documentation ensures that our customers are able to get the maximum value from their products by providing:

Complete technical documentation for all product features and functions

Detailed product installation guides to enable our customers to be self sufficient if required

Constantly updated how-to guides for many product functions that significantly cut down the product learning curve

The Rinami Knowledge Garden can be found at

Knowledge Garden
Knowledge Garden