The Cantara Integration Platform takes both the cost and complexity out delivering robust, highly available and scalable integration points for the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product. The solution has been designed from the ground up to ensure that organisations can design and deploy tightly integrated systems using open standards based tools and skills readily available in today's marketplace.

With the Cantara Integration Platform our customers can deploy secure REST based services in minutes rather than days or weeks. It provides the ability to quickly define services that give access to all JD Edwards functions, data, reports and media objects thus enabling our customers to realise the full benefit of their investment in JD Edwards.

By providing the Cantara Integration Platform on an annual subscription basis there are no capital costs in deploying the solution. Our motto is that the Cantara Integration Platform is the alternative to "Do nothing". To achieve this our solutions are priced such that licensing costs do not even need to come into the equation.

Building off the capabilities of the original Cantara Integration Platform we have now introduced advanced job scheduling functions to the enterprise edition of the product. This addition enables our customers to overcome the limitations of the standard Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne batch scheduler by enabling:

  • scheduling depdendencies between jobs and groups of jobs
  • different schedules for different JD Edwards environments
  • high availability with the capability to load balance across multiple JD Edwards batch servers
  • notifications on job failure or completion
  • gantt chart visualisation of the schedule including defined dependencies

Cantara Integration Platform Editions
Feature Standard Enterprise
Unlimited RESTful Services
Multiple JDE Environments
Secure Web Based Administration
XML or JSON Payload Format
JDE Security Enforced
Unlimited Server Instances
Service Definition Import/Export
Database Configuration Storage  
Clustered Configuration Supported  
Services Secured by JDE Role  
Advanced Job Scheduler  

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