Organisations that are interested in extending the value of their business and gaining a competitive advantage in their industries must be willing to invest in technology products. The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution is a valuable business asset that significant numbers of organisations are adopting to fortify their business operations. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a feature-rich product, but its implementation alone will not deliver valuable commercial benefits and process efficiency. A better strategy is to complement the software with an equitable solution that extracts the essentials that are significant for your business.

We at Rinami attach a lofty goal to the powerful integration software products that we develop and deliver to our customers:

Enable organisations to deliver the maximum business benefit from their investment in the Oracle JD Edwards ERP solution.

Through our set of integration tools, accelerated development libraries, and mobile application templates we have been able to reach our goal with each and every customer.

We recognize the significant investment of time and money that has goes into the implementation and maintenance of a JD Edwards deployment. Our products rapidly deliver tangible business value, and return on investment is measurable in days or weeks instead of months and years.