The services industry is unique to other business markets in that the processes that require the most management are generally the responsibility of the individuals who are providing the work. These individuals typically act as their own project managers and perform a juggling act that involves customer relations, budgeting, reporting, and scheduling. An added challenge is that they often perform these tasks from a remote location.

We understand the challenges that service providers must face in combining the service levels required by customers with the requirement to manage and reduce operational costs. Our development solutions include a full set of project management features that enable service providers to remain in control of their day-to-day business activities so they can focus on maximizing their customer experiences.


  • Provide comprehensive service that starts with business process improvement and continues through to systems design and implementation
  • Experienced with customer engagement solutions that connect to the service management process
  • Design and implement mobile field service solutions to automate the workforce and deliver improved customer experience with higher resource efficiency