Mining and natural resources companies face unique challenges that are connected to demand, delivery, and regulatory requirements. Rinami understands that although these industries are now embracing technology for many of their processes, there are specific challenges in doing so that can prevent them from maintaining processes that are safe, high-quality, and sustainable.

Rinami has experience implementing ERP solutions within large mining organisations in Australia and around the globe. Their experience has developed into a deep understanding of mining and natural resources companies that is unrivaled in the industry.


  • Able to deliver complete systems and processes that facilitate advanced maintenance planning, execution, and management
  • Support clients through a full integration of their supply chain from raw materials to delivery
  • Offer specialised mobile asset and service management solutions to improve data quality, quantity, and timeliness
  • Understanding of requirements of fixed and mobile plant maintenance within mining and resources companies
  • Extensive experience integrating process control and SCADA systems with asset management and ERP solutions